Panasonic Toaster Oven- Flash Xpress NB-G110P, Silver

Which is the best toaster oven for the people on- the- go?


Maybe, you’ve searched a lot and convinced by many sources. But still confused to choose the best one.




Before making the final buying decision, read our review on Panasonic Toaster Oven- Flash Xpress NB-G110P. Hopefully, this will give you a perfect idea of the performance of this oven.



Double Infrared Heating Technology


The double infrared heating system (Ceramic and Quartz) of this unit produces 250°F – 500°F temperatures. These high-efficiency heating elements allow to cook up to 40% faster than any traditional toaster ovens. Moreover, the well-thought far and near position of the elements helps to produce heat evenly. The result is thoroughly cooked food in a fraction of the time.


Auto Cook Menus with 6 Cooking Modes

No more guesswork needed for the heat level and cooking time. Its auto cooking functions automatically calculate the exact cooking time for a variety of foods. This feature makes it perfect for people on-the-go. In addition, the pre-programmed 6 cooking modes (toast, roll, waffle, pizza, quick reheat, and hash browns) and 5 built-in shades of browning will definitely make your cooking procedure a breeze.

Touch-Button Temperature Control Sensor

NB-G110P Toaster Oven features a touch-button temperature control sensor. The temperature range is fully displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit on the bright digital timer. The convenient left-right arrows on the control panel allow you to select and maintain quickly and precisely 8 incremental temperature settings from 250°F (120’C) – 500°F (260’C).

Bright Digital Timer & Reminder Beep

Controlling cooking time is easy and quick on this Flash Xpress Toaster Oven. The simple touch button on the bright digital timer lets you quickly set the precise cooking time up to 25 minutes. Not only that a pleasant reminder beep will conveniently alert you when your food is ready to enjoy.

Quick View Convenient Interior Light

Who doesn’t like to keep an eye on your favorite food while it cooks? Panasonic NB-G110P lets you do just that. Press the light bulb icon on the control panel to illuminate the oven’s interior and see the inside and cooking progress clearly through the see-through oven door.

Auto-eject Rack and Hinged Oven Door

The slide out rack is another convenient feature of this oven. When the door is opened it slides out automatically. This fully flat laid door allows to load and unload the food easily and conveniently. On the other hand, the tray retracts as the door is closed. The durable drop-down oven door is connected to the rack by two strong hinges. This construction ensures years of effortless and smooth opening and closing.

Oven Accessories Included

NB-G110P comes with an inner tray, oven rack and a drip tray. All are pretty standard. The square-shape inner-tray is just perfect to fit up to 4 slices of bread or pizza up to 9” in diameter. On the other hand, the convenient removable drip tray makes cleanup after the rush a snap. You can clean it up in seconds.


  • Ease of Use- NB-G110P is very simple to use. It has one of the simplest user interfaces.  It really is easy to operate, especially if you use a preset. The cleaning is very easy too. To clean, just wipe the inside down with a sponge or wet cloth.
  • Cooks Faster- The compliments from users are numerous when it comes to cooking time. A fast cooking time is certainly one of its main selling points. It cooks faster and more evenly than any compact oven. No preheating is necessary and instantly reaches whatever temperature you set it to.
  • Toasts Evenly- It makes the most consistent toast all around. It toasts thoroughly, and the result is evenly toasted bread at the light, medium and dark settings. Moreover, the toast is also crispy, uniform and never burn.


  • Limited Capacity- One of the complaints that come from some users is its limited size oven cavity which limits what they can cook it. It can’t cook large item and can’t bake anything larger than the 9-inch diameter.
  • Short Timer– The timer only goes up to 25 minutes. In fact, this timing is shorter than the usual 50-60 minutes cooking time. That means you’ve reset the timing for recipes with a longer cooking time.
  • No Dedicated Broil Feature-This unit doesn’t have a broil function which is a common feature for every toaster ovens of this price range.

Why People Should Buy This and Who People Should Get This Toaster

In spite of some negligible cons, Professional and reviewers sing the praises of this unique product. However, Panasonic NB-G110P is a perfect toaster oven for-

  • the people on- the- go. Its faster cooking time will obviously satisfy customer demand for speed. You can cut down on your cooking time substantially while enjoying the evenly cooked food.


  • those who are short on countertop space. Although its’ smaller size is a disadvantage in the eyes of some users, most of the users love this compact size as it takes up less space in their kitchen.


  • for those who want to use it mainly for reheating, toasting, and cooking of simple meals and plan to cook a maximum of one or two servings.


  • those who won’t cook food in the oven that take longer time than 25 minutes. However, you have the option to use a second time setting for longer cooking.


  • the people who are searching for a reasonably priced toaster oven that also performs extremely well.


Overall, this is an excellent option for you if you’re primarily looking for a way to make quick toast and cooking fast. It may not be the biggest but it is almost exceptionally good at what it does. At an affordable price, you’ll get the functionality and performance of an expensive model.

With high ratings and good reviews from customers, Panasonic Toaster Oven- Flash Xpress NB-G110P obviously qualifies as one of the best toaster ovens in the market.

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