Panasonic Toaster Stainless Steel and Glass, Smoke NT-ZP1H and Violet NT-ZP1V

Editor choice Panasonic Toaster Stainless Steel and Glass, Smoke NT-ZP1H and Violet NT-ZP1V

Panasonic Toaster Stainless Steel and Glass, Smoke and Violet


Panasonic can always make good design for their products. Their products can really suit the taste of the customer who demands for a stylish and futuristic kitchen. It comes with both smoke and violet color. Violet lovers should not miss this!!! This toaster is made up of glass and stainless steel cool touch exterior. Unlike other toasters, their exterior get so hot after toasting bread. With this cool touch design, you do not need to be worried about getting burned even if the toaster has been used in heavy-duty.

Defrost and Re-heating

When you compare this toaster with others, you will find more special functions which is quite user-friendly and interesting. The toaster offers defrost and reheating setting. It means that you can put your frozen waffles into this toaster and select the “defrost” cooking mode. Wala! You lovely waffle is defrosted. One user stated that he put a frozen bagel into a toaster with #7 browning. He said the bagel is perfectly toasted but it is just a little chewy. Therefore, he suggest customers to first defrost the frozen bagel first before toasting it.

Their reheat function for the toasted bread also makes it unique while other toaster may burn the bread while re-toasting them.


Built-in warming rack

It also comes with the warming rack right at the entry of the toaster slots which you can toast your croissant. With this rack, you do not need to squeeze the croissant or Danish into the toaster which destroys the whole croissant as the slot of the toaster cannot accommodate it and croissant itself is quite fragile. And you don’t need to pre-heat and oven and to grill the croissant. It is just a very convenient way to make a nice croissant for your breakfast!

Sometime when you are enjoying your first toast while the second toast is being left in the toaster. After finishing the first one and sadly you second toast is already cold. With a normal toaster, you may try to re-toast it but I did burnt it. Or you can opt for eating a cold toast. But Panasonic toaster has a built-in warming rank in which it can keep your second toast warm while you are enjoying the first and toasting the third round of toasts.

It can always keep your food warm. Imagine it is in a cold winter with heavy snowing and you are enjoying hot toasts one-by-one with your family.

ide Slots

The slots of the toaster are quite wide. You can toast anything from think sliced bread to bagels and everything in between with this toaster’s slots.

LED Indicator and user-friendly control panel

Different people want to have different browning degree of the toast. This Panasonic toaster offers you to choose 7 different degree of toasting. The first two buttons are for setting the browning level up or down (there are seven different settings). The third and fourth button are for defrost and another for re-heat. The fifth and last button is a Cancel button which stops the toaster. The LED display showing which setting you chose is also very fancy and stylish. Of course, you can also choose re-heat and defrost function as aforementioned in this user-friendly control panel.

High-Lift Lever

I also find the high-lift lever quite useful as sometime I will put small toasts into it. This high-lift lever function could help me to get small items easily by pushing them up to a reachable level.


There is a big disadvantage of using Panasonic toasters than other brands. It is the price is quite expensive. If you are not a really demand user for toast or you want a more budget choice. Please do not go for Panasonic.

Product Specification (Both Smoke and Violet color are the same)