The intelligent Oven – Breville BOV450XL

Editor choice The intelligent Oven – Breville BOV450XL

Ever worried about what should be optimal temperature, time for your bread, cake or toast? Afraid of overheating it or having it still in cold after cooking? Never have this worries again with the new Breville Smart Oven. It comes with the element IQ technology that allow you to set up to 8 pre-set of cooking functions. However, make sure you leave some space on the top for the product to producing heat, over sized food will block the power generating and easy for malfunction.

This oven can fit up to 4 slice of capacity, such as a 11 inch pizza and there’s 3 rack of positions if you want to pull out the crumb and with the automatic shut off function it let you handle different type of foods simultaneously.

The Element IQ function such as the dimmer on the light switch, increase of the element power with one click rotation. Toast inside can also be cooked evenly on both sides and would not cool only in the inside. As it pre-set 8 different modals, it let you to take the guesswork out of nowhere, it helps with the recipe, volume of food and enable you to handle small sized food such as snacks, cookies.

The Breville mini oven is designed with the idea to handle food that require very thoroughly cooked food which is thick in the side and to handle a large party. As it comes with the different rack but 4 dimensional cooking utilities, letting you clean up easily without the worries of the heat panel touching the water from the inside.

Note, although there’s different function of cooking style, you can only choose one of it at one time. Therefore you cannot cook different type of food at the same time as the function will not able to support it. However, of course, if you want to have it genuinely cooked but not in a specific fictionalized way, this oven can definitely be an option for you and handle your need.

  • Easy to clean
  • 3 rack positions and non sticky
  • Multi-functional in just one click
  • Even heat distribution
  • More expensive than the normal oven
  • Not easy to understand all function at the beginning
  • If not handled properly, cannot handle all different type of food in one oven
  • Heavy, with the weight of around 15lbs
To conclude, this oven is definitely the one that want to have a multi-functional oven to handle different type of foods. This let you clean up the cabinet easily and the large size area enable you to reduce the worry in cooking only partial of your food. Making sure all of the food will be handled at the same time.

The attractive reinforced stainless steel, together with it’s quartz responds make it even more quicker to handle heat change.  Highly recommend for trouble-free cooking!