Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster

With the 1.5 inch of slots for this toaster, you can easily insert toasts and bagel into the slots. There are some crumb trays at the bottom of the toaster. It is very easy to clear up the crumb inside toasters. There are several toasting functions and a browning dial you can choose from.

The Best Features of the Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster

With the features that form part of this unit, you will find that there is quite a compelling case in its favor.

  • The Results You Want
    Everyone has different preferences. Some like to make sure their toasts are perfectly browned, while others look for crunchiness. For some, it is important that their bagels are soft enough, while for others, the crunch on the outside is what matters. The unit caters to the requirements of all.
    Several toasting functions are part of the unit to make things easier for you. Furthermore, it features a browning dial which makes it certain that you are able to set it to your taste. Hence, you can get just the results you are looking for with ease.
    A special frozen toast and frozen bagel feature is also available to make sure that perfect results are attained. The slots are around 1.5 inches thick, which ensures that you do not have to face any difficulty in fitting those thick bagels or the artisan bread. The side of the toaster also works independently, thereby ensuring that you can prepare variations in less duration with ease.
  • Convenience
    The unit is designed such that you will find it quite feasible to use. The automatic toast boost feature makes it certain that you are able to remove the items with feasibility. Safety is also not something that you would need to worry about when it comes to this toaster since it is provided with a cool touch exterior which makes handling easier. Furthermore, the crumb tray slides out from the bottom, thereby ensuring that you do not have to face any difficulty when it comes to cleaning it up.
    The simple and sleek design makes it certain that you are able to place it on your countertop without any inhibitions. The smart buttons make using the unit quite easy, while its advanced technology makes sure that consistent results are attained.

What Does Not Work for the Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster?

While this product has many amazing features, it is not without its flaws. Here are its drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing the product:

  • Bulkiness
    It is quite common for people to look for something that would be lightweight, which would make it easier for them to move it around. However, this feature is not offered with this unit as it is quite bulky. Hence, you would not be able to change its position with ease.
  • Time Required
    The toaster tends to take some time to warm up, so you might want to do something else while it gets the job done so as to make sure your time is not wasted.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering whether this unit would be worth your purchase, on the whole, it does have a lot of things going on in its favor. It is capable of providing you with optimal ease and feasibility. You would not have to face any issues when it comes to preparing a variety of stuff. Furthermore, the stylish design is another factor that works in its favor.

While it does take a bit of time to warm up, you will find that the overall time is saved owing to the 4-slice slots and its various functions. Therefore, it would not turn out to be a disappointment. This is something that you can give a chance to without worrying about wasting your money.

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