When I first look at this product, I thought it is a kind of stationary in office. A stationary that help organizing documents. Later, I am shocked to find out that it’s a toaster! This DeltaToast is made in Italy with hand assembled.

Toast with stovetop and camp fire

You don’t need to flip the toast to make both sides being browned. This DeltaToast holds the toast in a perpendicular position so that the heat source will come at both direction so that both sides of the toast can be browned easily.

Easy to be stored

It really comes very handy as it is very easy to be stored. If you have a smaller kitchen, living in a studio boat or motorhomes, you will be in love with this Toaster as it can be folded to fit in the space you want it to be fitted.

Slot Width

This toaster is designed to be folded easily for storage purpose. At the same time, it can also be adjusted to fit in size and thickness of toast. Its slot width can be adjusted to 3.7cm or 1.46 inches. It can accommodate thick toast but may not be croissant or bagel.

Take a note of your burner thermostat

There is one point to note that you need to be mindful if your burner has a thermostats with an automatic cut-off switch. As thermostat burner works in a way that it detect how much heat the cookware drawn from the burner. If the heat drawn is less, this thermostat will automatically cut off the burner power source frequently to prevent overheating. As Delta Toast is
mostly empty in volumn (it is made up of simple stainless steel structure), there would be much heat drawn by Deltatoast from the burner. Therefore, the toasting time will be longer. Although the toasting time is longer, it also bring with a good impact that the toasting results are more uniform when compared with a gas burner and are identical to an electric toaster.

While you are using DeltaToast, please make sure that your burner diameter should be less than the width of DeltaToast. The toasting time is between 2.5 and 3 minutes for the first slice and the toasting time will be further reduced for the second and third round as DeltaToast is already preheated. Of course, the toasting time will vary according to the power of the burner and the thickness of your toast.


Anyway, I think it is a good choice to pick DeltaToast if you have a limited space or you are going on a camping. You definitely don’t want to toast with a pan. But with the same price of buying a DeltaToast, you can buy an electric toaster. Although it is quite bulky, electric toasters are efficient in toasting and most of them can make good toast easily!



Toaster dimensions
(open position) cm inches
Length 15.8 6.22
Width 14.0 5.51
Height 12.5 4.92
(closed position) cm inches
Length 15.8 6.22
Width 4.3 1.69
Height 13.8 5.43
Bread slot dimensions
cm inches
Length  14.5  5.71
Width (min-max)  1.3 – 3.7  0.51 – 1.46
Height  11.0  4.33
Diagonal  18.0  7.09
Other kilos pounds
Weight 0.533 1.22
Material 100% stainless steel