DeLonghi EO241250M Livenza Digital Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Oven

Product Features:

Size: 19 x 17.5 x 12  inches

Make:  Stainless Steel

Heat Range: 170-450 degrees F; adjustable by 10 degree increments

Oven is insulated to maintain heat inside the cooking area

This convection oven allows for multi-level cooking so you save time cooking and can get things done a lot faster.


  • There are 8 pre-set programs that enable you to easily pick the type of cooking that you need, from cooking a frozen pie pasry to making a good roast
  • Enables multiple cooking
  • Can cook at lower temperatures so that you save on energy
  • Insulated oven prevents heating of room unlike traditional ovens that heat up room
  • Heating components provide heat from the top of the oven and the bottom and a fan cirulates the heat inside the oven for even cooking. This results to crisper cooks and jucier meals.
  • The non-stick interior makes cleaning the oven easy and prevents scratches


  • The lowest rack does not heat as well as the higher racks
  • The racks do not have anything to hold it from slipping out from the oven
  • The oven is still not as big as the conventional oven so there may be issues about being able to roast big birds like turkey
  • Heat settings increment at 10 degrees instead of 5 which could be a bit tricky
  • The oven is a bit small for a 13-inch pizza: there is a dent inside the cooking area to allow the placing of a 13-inch pizza which is a bit awkward.
  • The control panels seem to heat up when cooking
  • Issues with the timer mechanism could get in the way when setting cooking times
  • Although the oven could definitely toast, it would take longer. Using it as a toaster would be over-kill as this is really an oven.


The DeLonghi EO241250M countertop convection oven will make your cooking experience a breeze as it enables you to do mutiple cooking at the same time. The footprint it leaves is not that much so that you save a lot on energy. What is going against the DeLonghi is its size. Although it can do almost all types of cooking, the oven is still not as big as the traditional oven  which can accommodate bigger casseroles. Therefore, before you get your oven, make sure that the internal cavity of the oven is such that it can accommodate most of the pans that you have, otherwise, you will be stuck with an oven that you cannnot use simply because you overlooked the oven size.

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