DeLonghi EO1270 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

The DeLonghi EO1270 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven is a multi-function convection toaster that can handle all types of food from frozen to fresh. Bake, broil or roast in minutes. This is the ideal kitchen mate for the woman on the go: just put your food in the oven, set the timers and let the oven do its thing!

Product Features:


Size: 18.8 x 15.3 x 9.4  inches

Weight: l2.57 lbs.

Make:  Stainless Steel

Heat Range: 200-500 degrees F

Other Special Features:

Oven is insulated to maintain heat inside the cooking area

This convection oven allows for multi-level cooking so you save time cooking and can get things done a lot faster. There are actually 4 racks that can be accommodated all at the same time.

Non-stick inner cavity is made with Durastone 2 which allows for easier clearing. A detachable crumb tray is also available.

There are 5 pre-set programs that enable you to easily pick the type of cooking that you need, from cooking a frozen pie pastry to making a good roast

Convection technology enables even cooking as heat is circulated within the oven cavity

Controls use dials so that you are able to control the temperatures and cooking times or pre-set these according to the food you are cooking.

Oven may be used to broil, bake and make toasts and roasts (even your favorite pizzas!).  You can also use the oven to thaw your frozen foods so that you are able to cook these in minutes.


  • The oven’s inner cavity is big enough to make 6 toasts at a time. It also has conrols to manage toast color (aside from the temperature controls)
  • The oven has 5 pre-set cooking functiins to eliminate the guessing game of how long cooking times should be. Temperature and time can be manually set as well.
  • The easy turn on dials make cooking controls easier to use: no blind presses needed and no grappling for the product brochure with regard to equipment operation.


  • Toasts take a little longer to do compared to the traditional bread toaster
  • Although inner cavity is easy to clean, equipment is stainless steel so there is still a need to make sure that the walls are kept spotlessly clean otherwise grime could accumulate which could lead to the equipment breaking down fast.
  • The oven capacity is just enough to prepare a complete meal for a small family (3 to 4 persons). There would be a need for a bigger oven if the cooking will be done for a bigger group-this this oven might not be enough in which case a traditional oven may be more feasible.

Who Will Benefit Most from This Toaster Oven?

This convection toaster oven will be best for working moms who may have very limited time to  prepare food for the family but would always want to share a hot and tasty  meal with them despite time challenges. The pre-sets would allow easier cooking as the mom would not have to see-through the cooking but can leave the cooking based on the pre-settings. While the food is cooking, busy mom can prepare the table for the family dinner or be able to have quality time with kids.

Why Prefer the Toaster Over other kitchen equipment?

The toaster-oven would provide a versatile cooking equipment as you can actually put the casserole in our oven and have the same casserole served on the table. Doing this, you could do away with cooking pans (and even cleaning them)! Thus would also enable your family to have hot meals straight from your oven. Also, the pre-settings take away your worries about how long yoyu have to cook: the oven automatically shuts-off as soon as the timer has lapsed.  Thus, you would not have to worry about food scorching or burning.

In addition, roasting is a healthier alternative cooking as it eliminates the use of oil.

Care for your equipment

The DeLonghi 6-Slice Convection Oven is made of stainless steel so that keeping it grime-free is a must to preserve and prolong the equipment’s life.  Therefore, the equiipment should be wiped clean from oil and any splatter that may occur during cooking (take note-inside walls).

Positioning Your Oven in the Kitchen

The DeLonghi 6-Slice Oven Toaster is compact and will take up only a smal space in your kitchen.  However, even with the insulation provided by the oven, it would be best that the oven be positioned so that there is an ample space between equipment and kitchen wall or cabinet as the heat could affect the material of the wall in the course of time.

Your DeLonghi 6-Slice Toaster Convection Oven will provide you with many easy cooking options  that will take the stress off your cooking. You can have healthy sandwiches prepared, by just tossing greens on your toasts or enjoy soft breads with your soups. Whatever it is you want to cook, your oven-toaster will definitely be able to do as you please!

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