Cuisinart CPT-140BK 4-Slice Toaster – Two Toasters in One

It is totally understandable when you get annoyed waiting around for your toasts to be done while your eggs and bacon are getting cold. To solve this problem, Cuisinart CPT-140BK would be a perfect fit in your kitchen.

Best Features of the Cuisinart CPT-140BK Toaster

If you are going to be investing in the Cuisinart CPT-140BK toaster, you need to know what it can offer to you. Some of the best features that the Cuisinart CPT-140BK can offer are listed below.

  • Four Toasts in the Time of One
    With the four slots that the Cuisinart CPT-140BK comes with, it is extremely easy to make four toasts at once. It is like having two toasters at the price of one. If you are among the people who tend to get late in the morning or impatient for the breakfast to be presented in front of you, you should definitely give it a try.
  • Fancy Controls
    The LED touchpad not only gives you full control over how you want your toast or bagels to be like, but it also looks really fancy and improves the look of your kitchen. There are 9 browning dials available, so you can choose the one you think would work for you.
    If you have a frozen bagel, worry not, as there is a defrost control available on the toaster that you can use to defrost your bagels and then reheat them to that perfect golden-brown color.
  • Crumb Tray
    A sliding crumb tray is available with the toaster that you can easily take out whenever you decide you want to clean it. It also doesn’t create a mess in your kitchen as all the crumbs are collected in one place that can be easily cleaned afterward.
  • Wide Slots for Toasts
    The toasting slots are almost 11/2 inches long, so you can toast not only bread but also bagels and waffles.
  • Design
    The total dimensions of the Cuisinart CPT-140BK toaster are about 11 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches. The body of the toaster is specifically designed in a streamlined manner so that the users can place it either facing forward or sideways on the counter of the kitchen.

Some Negative Points of the Cuisinart CPT-140BK Toaster

  • Plastic Body
    Unlike most toasters available, Cuisinart CPT-140BK toaster’s body is made of plastic. I know that it would be argued that it is the material being used in a lot of other appliances, but the fact is that a plastic body can make the toaster a bit less durable. The chances of the toaster getting damaged are somewhat high.


There are a huge number of toasters available in the market, each of which is equipped to give its competitors a good fight. Cuisinart CPT-140BK toaster is one of the best toasters out there at its price.
The toaster can help you make 4 toasts in a go so that you can have your breakfast ready in no time. The LED control touchpad is installed with a variety of controls that let the user adjust the browning settings to get the desired shade on your toasts. The availability of a crumb tray helps keep the kitchen counter clean as well. However, the plastic body is something that people have been unsure about.
In short, the Cuisinart CPT-140BK toaster works fabulously and is an appliance that one could invest in if the plastic body isn’t much of a disappointment.

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