Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Toaster with Slide-Out Crumb Tray

The Breville BTA830XL Toaster is an intelligent toaster with a slide-out crumb tray to allow easy management.

Best Features of the Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast Toaster

  • Ease of Use
    The Breville BTA830XL is a smart toaster with a ‘lift and look’ button. This process raises the bread gradually so that you know the progress and level of shade of your bread. You can easily inspect the shade of the toast and know whether it is according to your taste or not. If you like a nicely done toast, you can use another button which can add more browning to your toast.
  • LED Indicators and Sound Alert
    There are LED indicators that allow you to know whether the toast is ready or not. The LED display comes in very handy as you can carry on with your other tasks while keeping an eye on the LED display. As soon as the LED goes off, you know that your toasts are ready. The toasting period is also predictable each time you prepare a toast, so you know how much time it will take to reach your desirable shade. The sound alert is also very handy and can be adjusted to low, high, or mute.
  • Its Beautiful Body Remains Cool
    The toaster is made up of die-cast aluminum casing which remains cool even when the toaster is preparing the bread. The toaster is better than other toasters which heat up and make it difficult for the users to manage them. The only heating process is carried on inside the toaster with the 1600W heating element.
    The body is also long enough and can easily toast four breads at a time. Instead of toasting 4 breads in individual slots, this toaster can toast two breads each in two slots.
  • Slide-Out Crumb Tray for Easy Management
    The toaster also comes with a slide-out crumb tray which makes it easier to discard the crumbs and keep the toaster clean. Toasters without a crumb tray allow the crumbs to accumulate at the bottom and eventually become home to dirt and filth. The concealed cord storage keeps the cord safe and together.


  • It Is Expensive
    The Breville toaster is a bit on the expensive side. It costs $179.95 and is too expensive than other toasters. The toaster is priced highly because of the intelligent system it uses. However, if you are a cost-conscious buyer, this machine is not for you.
  • Annoying Sound
    The alert sound gets a bit annoying as the toasting process progresses. The sound can, however, be muted if it disturbs the user, but I was expecting a pleasant ding sound that could alert me when my toast was done.
  • Baking Issues
    I have baked a lot of different kinds of breads in this toaster, and almost all of them are nicely done. The issue is that it cooks only one side of the bread at a time.


Overall, the Breville BTA830XL is a high-quality toaster with amazing functions and features. According to me, the toaster is accurately priced as it is equipped with smart technology, sound alert, and LED indicators that allows the user to check the progress of the toast. At the end, you always get a nicely done toast according to your desired level of browning. You can even toast long slices with it because the slots are long enough to accommodate them.

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