Black & Decker Four-Slice Toaster with 6 Toasting Shades T4030


When you have a big family, you need a toaster which can make more than two toasts at the same time. One of the best products for this purpose is the Black & Decker Four-Slice Toaster.

Best Features of the Black & Decker Four-Slice Toaster

There are a lot of features that you get with this toaster that help it give you complete value for money.

  • 6 Toasting Shades
    There are six different timer settings that you can choose from, and each setting will give your toast a different shade. You can now make toasts exactly the way that your family prefers it. The best part about this feature is that you can set different shades to each slot and make different types of toasts at once.
  • Wide Toasting Slots
    As it happens, no bread is of the same size and there are times when you just don’t want to toast only bread. The appliance comes with wide toasting slots so that you can put inside any type and thickness of bread, including beagles. The feature will also ensure that you can easily use it for all toasting purposes.
  • More Lift
    The great part about this toaster is that it comes with an extra lift. This means that the toast will rise higher than it does in other toasters. This makes it easier for people to pick up the bread, reducing the chances of your fingers touching the hot sides. All this is possible due to the dual extra lift lever present in the toaster.
  • Indicator Lights
    There are different function lights designated to each pair of the toasting slots. This allows you to use the toaster for two different purposes at the same time. The lights show which function you have chosen. Hence, you can thaw frozen products, toast a bagel, or cancel the process at any given time.
  • Cord Storage Facility
    The manufacturers of the product added a cord wrap facility to the toaster as we all know that the cord can be a bit of a hassle to take care of. The integrated warp makes sure that the storage is easy, does not take up too much space, and does not ruin your kitchen display.

Drawbacks of the Black & Decker Four-Slice Toaster

Almost every product is associated with something negative. Here are some drawbacks for the Black & Decker Four-Slice Toaster

  • No Removable Bottom
    Bread tends to leave crumbs, whether it has been toasted or not, making it difficult to clean toasters. It is easy to clean them if they have removable bottoms, but sadly, that is not the case with this product. You will have to turn it upside down or use a long brush to clean the inside of the toaster.
  • Heavy
    The toaster weighs about 7.4 pounds which is not feasible if you want to carry it from place to place. It is best to keep the toaster in one space on the counter and leave it there for everyday use.

Final Thoughts

The product is excellent if you are looking for something smart and at a good price. It is easy to use, makes more toasts at the same time, and gives you the option of toasting at different shades and cooking strengths. However, as it comes with 4 toasting slots, which are wide enough to toast bagels and thick bread, it will take up more space on your counter than you would expect.

A couple of obvious advantages the toaster has is the brand name since Black & Decker is quite reliable when it comes to appliances and the fact that it comes with a warranty, so you can replace it or get it fixed according to your liking.

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